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Swimming Pool Repair

Need Pool Repair In NJ?

It doesn’t matter the quality of the materials which you use for your swimming pool, sooner or later, you are going to have to do some repairs on it. Just like most things we use, as you continue to use your pool over time it will begin to age.

Depending on the type of fault in the pool, you can perform pool repairs when the pool is empty or full. You can do the pool repairs yourself by using the proper tools and materials as they can make the process of repairing your swimming pool easier than you expected. Alternatively you can hire the services of a professional pool technician for the repairs.

In NJ pool repair can vary since different types of pools require different methods for fixing faults such as cracks, surface chips and so on. So it is best to first understand what kind of pool you have and the necessary tools to get for repairs.

As was previously described in a previous post, concrete type of inground pools are known to be the most durable among the three types and as such may not require frequent repairs.

In concrete pools the major areas for repairs include surface chippings, hollow spots and cracks. It is quite easy making repairs on this type of inground pools. The most common repair works on concrete pools include plaster patching and crack repair

Fiberglass pools are becoming popular due to the fact that they require little or no maintenance. However, there are situations that would require you to make repairs on your fiberglass pool. To do this you will need a special fiberglass repair kit which can be gotten from a paint or marine supply store. If you can’t get hold of the fiberglass kit, you can make do with your automotive kit.

Repairs are done a fiberglass pools to fix blisters and bubbles or to completely refurbish the shell of the pool. After several years of use, the fiberglass pool will begin to look worn out; in this case it is best to spray a new gel coat application on the surface of the pool or fiber coatings with multiple layers. If the damage on the pool shell is severe, a complete replacement of the shell is advisable. In doing any of these, it is best to seek professional help.

Vinyl-lined pools which are the cheapest of the three inground pool types are also amenable to repairs. There may be rips or tears present in the pools that require patching. This repair can be done using a vinyl patch kit and following simple instructions.

Replacing the vinyl liner of your pool is something which can be done by yourself unlike replacing the fiberglass shell. However, you need to be prepared and have the necessary tools for such a process.

At the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of pool you own, you would still need to do some repairs on it. It is very important that you take precautions while carrying out repairs on your pool, or better still get a professional to do it for you.

We are happy to offer our NJ pool repair technician’s services for any swimming pool or spa repair issues you have.

Call 908-956-7200 and speak with one of our knowledgeable pool advisers who can answer any questions you have and give you any additional information you request.  Mention the discount code WEB10 and receive a 10% discount on any purchase (service or sales).

For Swimming Pool Service or Sales CALL (908) 956-7200

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