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The Difference Between Pools and Spas In NJ

What exactly is a spa?

A spa in the simplest of definitions refers to a place where mineral spring water is used for personal care treatments. According to the Internal Spa Association, they define a spa as “a place devoted to enhance the overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit.”

Nowadays when people think of a spa, what they are thinking is this: a place where you go to have a massage. Although this thinking is in order, but a spa offers more than just massage treatment, for instance, you can get cosmetic dentistry services at a dental spa.

Types of spas
There are different types of spas and for different purposes. Spas can be categorized based on the services they provide as well as their location. Some of the major types are briefly explained below:

Day spa. These types of spas are in the form of a beauty salon. These kinds of spas are only for daytime; as they do not offer any accommodation for night.

Destination spa. For personal care treatments as well as general health care, the destination spas also know as health farms/spas are the right fit. These spas are designed to encourage healthy living through fitness classes, educational classes as well as provision of nutritional meals. Accommodation is provided in destination spas.

Dental spa. For those who find it troubling visiting a dentist, a dental spa is the perfect alternative. Services rendered in a dental spa include cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, smile makeovers, and so on.

Spa hotel. When a spa is located within a hotel, it is called a spa hotel. If you would want to do more than stay at a destination spa, but want to enjoy more, then a spa hotel is the right choice to select.

Foot spa. As the name implies, this is a spa for your feet.

Other major types of spas include: mobile spas – where the customer chooses the location, medical spas, relaxation spas, spa resorts and so on.

When selecting a spa – no matter the type, a few things need to come to mind: ensure that the products used at the spa are of high quality, ensure that the personnel are well trained and qualified as well as friendly, and the location of the spa should be in a calm and serene environment.

If you reside in New Jersey and plan on building a pool equipped with a modern day spa, we want to offer our services to you.

Call 908-956-7200 and speak with one of our knowledgeable pool advisers who can answer any questions you have and give you any additional information you request.  Mention the discount code WEB10 and receive a 10% discount on any purchase (service or sales).

For Swimming Pool Service or Sales CALL (908) 956-7200

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