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Swimming Pool Designs

Different Pool Designs In NJ:

You know how refreshing it feels to dive into your swimming pool on a hot sunny day. Nowadays, swimming pools are becoming popular in homes and are no longer seen as something of luxury, made only for the rich. One interesting thing about swimming pools is the fact that they all come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes. You can just imagine a design and with the assistance of a pool building company, the pool can be custom-built for you. In NJ pool designs are no different. You imagine it and we can build it!

In choosing a design for your swimming pool, some factors need to be put into consideration. The location for the pool, its size, cost and the purpose for which it is being built are some of the things you need to consider when selecting a pool design.

• Location. Where you plan to site the pool matters a lot in the pool design you wish to choose. For instance, an outdoor pool might not be the best fit for a place where the temperatures are mostly cold all year round. In this case, an indoor type of pool should be the best.

• Size of the pool. The size of the pool also determines the design of the pool. Although you can get a rectangular design for most pools, it may not be the same for other pool sizes.

• The materials used for the pool and the cost also play roles in determining the pool design that you finally settle on. If you are using vinyl for your pool, then you are going for a cheap design against when you opt for concrete or fiberglass.
So moving on, let’s take a look at the most popular pool designs that you can find.

• The rectangular design. As already mentioned in an example, one of the most popular pool designs in NJ and other states is the rectangular design. The reason for this is not far fetched: it is the most simple and practicable design.

• The oval design. Another popular pool design is the oval design. Using the oval pool design ensures that you optimally use the space around the pool for accessories like slide.

• The L-shape or “true L” design is yet another common pool design that you can find. This design divides the pool into two ends – shallow and deep ends – using the contour shape. This design is ideal for fitting in corners or around spaces while maximizing space.

Kidney design. Next on the line is the kidney pool design. Shaped like a kidney, this design gives a natural look to the pool. You can identify this pool design by its overall oval shape with an indentation on one side. This design is perfect for fitting around different corners or various sized spaces.

• The Roman and Grecian pool designs also are worthy of mention. They are basically modified versions of the rectangular design. In the Roman design, the rectangle edges are rounded while in the Grecian pool design the edges are chamfered – sharp corners.

• Other pool designs worth mentioning are the “figure 8”, “lazy-L”, and free form pool designs.

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