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Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Why Consider Fiberglass Pools in NJ?

Having your own swimming pool is no longer an option only available to the “super rich” anymore. Gone are the days when you needed to spend a ton of money in maintenance and construction costs for a swimming pool. Thanks to the use of materials such as fiberglass, it is much easier and cheaper to set up and own a pool in your backyard.

Fiberglass swimming pools are a type of inground swimming pools that are installed in areas dug out “in the ground” (instead of “above” the ground). In NJ fiberglass pools are quite popular due to the ease of installing them. They also come in different shapes, designs, and finishes. You should also know that the cost of maintaining a fiberglass pool is among the lowest in comparison with the other inground pool material types such as gunite or concrete.

As already mentioned, swimming pools made with fiberglass are quick and easy to install. To install a fiberglass swimming pool, a pre-molded shell is simply placed in a pre-dug hole matching the shape of the pool shell. That’s it!

They are also easy to clean and maintain since they do not need any liner replacement or acid washing. This is an important factor that should be considered when deciding which type of swimming pool is right for you.

It is important that you understand that although fiberglass swimming pools are built with fiberglass-reinforced plastic, the quality of the fiberglass materials used can differ from pool to pool as well as from manufacturer to manufacturer.  It is advisable when going for a fiberglass pool, you should ensure to check out the quality of the materials used as well as the durability and warranty.

Fiberglass pools in NJ are usually surrounded with a concrete deck structure, and are often fitted with fiber optic lights for swimming at night. Just as it is important to have perimeter walls around other inground pools, it is equally necessary to surround your fiberglass swimming pool. The walls/fences are needed to protect children and keep animals from falling into the pool. The fences can be removable or permanent, depending on our needs and preference.

Just as in making most home-improvement projects that require construction, setting up a (fiberglass) pool is guided by state regulations. To set up a fiberglass pool in New Jersey, you are required to get the proper construction permits and you will need to make sure that there are no sewage lines or power lines under the area you want to dig. These are all things that NJ Pool Builders and Service does for you.

In NJ fiberglass pools are becoming the “go to” choice for residents who want to build their own swimming pool. These pools are becoming more popular not just because of the ease of installing them, but also because they are being made to be virtually “maintenance free”.

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For Swimming Pool Service or Sales CALL (908) 956-7200

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