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Cost of Inground Swimming Pools


What Is The Cost Of Inground Pools in NJ?

Before going for an inground pool, whether it is a concrete pool, a vinyl-lined pool or a fiberglass pool; it is important that you consider the costs involved. The cost of any inground pool is dependent on many factors such as the shape, size, design and the purpose of the pool. For instance, a large sized pool is certainly going to cost more than a small one; and a pool with a simple design such as a rectangle is going to cost less than one with a more complex design.

The costs of a pool include the installation cost, maintenance cost, pool servicing cost and repair costs. Decoration and accessories will further increase the cost of any inground pool. When choosing an inground pool for your home, it is advisable that you consider all these costs and compare among the different pool types.

Each of the three types of inground pools has different cost. This is due to the materials used and the level of customization involved in installing the pools. Let’s take a look at the costs of installing the three types of inground pools.

Concrete/gunite pools. Concrete pools are mostly custom-made to fit your description, and as a result are the most expensive types of inground pools. Although the average cost of a concrete pool varies by location, the size, shape and design of the pool, it would cost you about $72/square foot to build a typical 12’ by 24’ rectangular gunite pool. The concrete pools are the most expensive due to the fact that they require more labor in installing them.

• Fiberglass pools. The next most expensive types of inground pools are the fiberglass pools. Although they have the advantages of quick and easy installation, and little or no maintenance; they still more expensive than the vinyl-lined pools. If you plan on installing the pool yourself, you should plan on spending at least between $12,000 and $25,000 depending on the pool size. However, getting a professional pool contractor to install the pool would cost you at least between $20,000 and $40,000 without the decking. These costs do not include the cost of installing accessories such as a pool heater, pumps, etc.
• Vinyl-lined pools. Coming last in order of decreasing cost is the vinyl-lined inground type of pool. These types of pools are the cheapest due to the materials used – the vinyl liner material is quite inexpensive. Prepare to spend at least between $20,000 and $30,000 to install an average sized vinyl-lined pool. Getting accessories for the pool should further increase the cost. In the state of New Jersey, the preferred type of inground pool for homeowners is the vinyl-lined pool.

Perimeter fencing is also a very essential requirement for any inground pool, the fence can be permanent or temporary; but whichever be the case, it still adds to the cost of the pool.

It is a common statement that the actual cost of building a pool is twice its stated price. So before commencing work on that pool, ensure that you consider all costs. The cost of a pool doesn’t end at the installation; additional costs would come up if you plan to keep the pool clean and healthy as well as protected from intruders.

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For Swimming Pool Service or Sales CALL (908) 956-7200

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